5 Free Apps to Help You Save on Groceries!

Student budget got you down? I understand how tough it can be to make ends meet, without mom and dad giving you your monthly allowance. After all, you are an adult now and it’s time to take responsibility of your finances. Come on Badgers! We got this! Read on to check out some cool apps to save on groceries beyond your student discount!

1. Flipp (iOs and Android)

I personally started using this app just last month and showed it to my housemates! I absolutely love this one because it’s neat, organized, visually appealing, and super easy to use! All you’ve got to do is download it to your phone or tablet and start clipping! It’s a great way to browse through the region’s flyers at the palm of your hand, not having to worry about your roomie accidentally putting the flyers in the recycling before you got to cut out what you needed!

Every item even shows you its details, specs, and there’s a link to the store’s website (if they have one). Watch the video below for a 1-minute walk-through!

2. Snap by Groupon (iOs and Android, only in Canada and USA)

You’ve probably heard of Groupon, which is used to find deals from anything related to beauty and spa, health and fitness, and even your next getaway! Snap by Groupon is very similar, except its focus is mainly groceries. So if you’re like me and get distracted with information overload, Snap is definitely worth a shot. It allows you to create your own shopping list and view the latest offers within your area, and start saving… on groceries and in your personal Snap piggy bank! Yes, you read that right, your OWN piggy bank by the app!

So, the coupons you use have a “cash back” amount. This cash back is returned to you once you use the coupon, snap a pic of your receipt, and receive cash back confirmation. Every time you accumulate $20 in your account, you simply just “cash out” and a cheque will be sent to you. PLUS, every time you ‘Refer a Friend’, you earn $1.00. Oh snap!

3. Grocery iQ (iOs and Android)

Groceries outsmarting you? Try out Grocery iQ! It has features to help you create your own grocery list and favourite items, help you find stores in the area, and clip coupons! It’s a neat way to organize your grocery list and locate which aisles to look in. You even have the option to sync your lists to your phone, tablet or desktop with ease, and share lists via email for when you’re stuck in an 8-10 lecture and you can’t make it to the Pen.

4. Checkout 51 (iOs and Android, only in Canada and USA)

Similar to Snap, Checkout 51 also has a $20 cash back feature! When you start up an account, you automatically qualify for $1.00, so you’re already on your way to get that $20 in your pocket. Simply enter your location and you’ll have the newest offers on items from strawberries and deodorant to paper towel and K-cups!

5. PC Plus (iOs, Android and Blackberry)

Most of you may already know about this one, but someone out there still hasn’t heard of PC Plus, so here it is.
Points can be earned at any store owned by Loblaws Inc., like Zehrs, The Real Canadian Superstore, Independent, Fortinos, NoFrills, Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws, and more (http://www.loblaw.ca/English/About-Us/banners-andbrands/default.aspx). All you need to do is ask for it when you get to check out and start collecting right then and there. You will receive a card and a key tab upon starting an account. To keep track of your points, you can either get the app or use the PC Points website (link on icon).

That’s all I’ve got for you today Badgers! Let us know which app works best for you and how you like/dislike it!

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