Expectations vs. Reality: Reading Week

The week before reading week, and you’ve got a million assignments and midterms due so you call your parents like:

Calling from Hell
But not to worry badgers! Reading week is now upon us and HALLELUJAH!

Reading Week: Expectations vs Reality

What you Expect to Do:

But after 5 Minutes of Homework…

What You Really Do:

And then all of a sudden you’re like:

While you’re shirking your responsibilities in order to spend time with Netflix, deep down in the back of your mind you know you have homework and things you need to do over reading week….
SO, here’s a few tips on how to maximize your reading week:

1) Spend time with your family

Believe it or not the first weekend of Reading Week is Thanksgiving! So whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, make sure to take a day or two to spend time with your family. Do not under estimate time spent with the people you love. It could just be the rejuvenation you need after a hard first half of the semester!

… OH and who could forget the pumpkin pie and all the delicious goodies that come with Thanksgiving!

2) If you’re going home, book some appointments!

The dentist, the eye doctor, or for your doctor! Have a car? This is also the best time to get your car checked up whether its an oil change, or tune up. Before it gets too cold make sure your car is functioning properly. Or if you need to get those eyebrows done or your hair dyed, this is also the time to do it, especially if your hair dresser is in your home town.

3) Most importantly, take a day or two to simply relax.

Chances are you’ve had a lot of assignments due before reading week and if not, you’ll have them due after. So take advantage of these few days to relax and get ready for the second half of the semester.

4) After you’ve relaxed, devote a few days to homework

If you work best during the day, get up early and make a plan to do your homework during the day and then relax at night. But if you work best during the night, take time during the day to either sleep or do errands and then plan to do productive work during the evening.

5) Before it starts, make a list of things to do over reading week

Whether its appointments, or homework, prioritize what’s important and use it as a motivator to try and get done as much as possible! So be productive, make use of your time off but don’t forget to enjoy your week at home and your week away from school!

Because before you know it we will all be back to school Monday morning like:

And to all you people going on vacation:

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