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High Trips Around Montana – Why You Should Get Your Card and Travel the State

The state of Montana considers marijuana a dangerous drug and has classified it as a schedule I hallucinogenic. Use and possession of it is considered illegal and punishable by imprisonment and fines. The illegal use of it carries up to three years in jail and fine of $1000. Despite these restrictions and deterrents, it is still possible to get a medical marijuana card in Montana and find the strains you need for your health.

Cannabis has been illegal in Montana since 1929 and for decades the medical community fought a losing a battle to at least allow for marijuana to be used in medicine. In 2004, medical marijuana was finally passed though it has had to fight a number of battles since then to stay active and alive.

In 2009 there were only 2000 medical marijuana card holders, but within two years three were 31,000. Along with the rise in people needing medical marijuana to treat pain, chronic illness, and other ailments, there was a surge in dispensaries around the state.

If you visit the website you can use a dropdown menu in the middle of the page to select a city and load its dispensaries. There are several throughout the state which registered medical marijuana cardholders can visit. The state is a beautiful state to travel by car and visiting each one is just as amazing. It is worth the time and expense to see the rolling hills full of animals and vegetation.

The people are just as friendly and you can find some of the best at dispensaries located around the state. Listed below are a few in various cities to keep you driving:

Sensible Alternatives

Sensible Alternatives is a dispensary in Belgrade. They offer a wide variety of products for personal shopping, retail, beauty, cosmetics, and personal care. These products are made with several strains of medical cannabis and are only sold to those holding valid Montana medical marijuana cards. They are also aware that not all people are available at the same times so they are open 24 hours a day to accommodate those on non-traditional schedules. They also provide consultations for clients who need more information about what works for them.


Located in Billings, East Helena, Helena, Lewiston, Havre, Hardin, Townsend, and Lolo this chain of dispensaries provide a very large selection of cannabis products that were safely grown and infused with select strains of marijuana. They are controlled by the state and they do follow state rules and regulations, but they allow for in-store purchases as well as online ordering.

Lost Horse Springs

Lost Horse Springs is located in Bozeman and is a cannabis operation designated to grow certain strains of marijuana for medicinal uses. They use organic soil and all plants are kept inside and are provided the same tender care as they show their patients. They take their strain and manufacture in-house medicines including flowers, edibles, topical and concentrates. Their products are available for discrete delivery around the State of Montana.

Lifted Meds

Lifted meds is located in Missoula and because of changes in the laws regarding growth and distribution of medical marijuana products; they have been able to expand from a handful of employees to a team of 30 cultivating their own strain of marijuana and developing numerous lines of custom products for their customers to buy and enjoy medically. Reviews on their website rave of the variety of products offered and the selection of flavors, texture, and effectiveness. The quality of the people running and operating this location testifies to its dedication to its clients.

Top Shelf Botanicals

Top shelf Botanicals, located in Sheridan, services medical marijuana patients in the region surrounding it. It is run by compassionate people who are dedicated to helping the people of Montana find relief from their ailments and satisfaction in the choice of any of their wide selection of products infused with cannabis strains designed to help treat Montana’s medical community.

Heirloom Remedies

Heirloom remedies, located in Victor, provide a wide selection of products for medical marijuana cardholders to enjoy. Their products are wide and varied. They also provide other services that most of the other dispensaries do not to help patients dealing with chronic pain appreciate such as the in-store massage therapist.

Montana is a state of strict rules and regulations in regards to medical marijuana. They are also a beautiful state in which to take a road trip around to visit the various shops if you are a holder of a valid medical marijuana card. There are many stops to visit along most of the main highways and some of the best shops are off the beaten path which means that you will get a very good tour of the entire state while finding each unique location.…